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ماژول الکتریکی ولتاژ بالا اصل DIKAVS از 3.6 ولت تا 1000 کیلو ولت

DIKAVS Power Module Step Up High Voltage Generator (DC 3.6V-7.4V To 1000KV)

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  • The high-voltage module is made by using Tesla coil principle, output high voltage current, small size, high efficiency, simple external circuit (only connected to the switch, the battery can) discharge intensity.
  • Determine whether the battery capacity can drive the maximum output power is measured when the arc voltage of the battery. If you can output around 7.4V maximum power)
  • Small capacity of lithium in two series is 7.2V (preferably with a single), in the arc state instantaneous voltage has dropped to about 4V, and the lower the capacity of the lower voltage pull. It is recommended that more than 2000mA of lithium, the best conditions with more than 4000mA battery.
  • The finished product is a finished product module of high-voltage inverter transformer / booster for scientific production. After inputting DC3V ~ 6V voltage, it can get about 700KV DC high voltage (about 1cm arc) at the input end. It can be used as middle- Experiments, electronic equipment, negative ion generator, scientific small production of high-pressure source.
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