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قفل نقره ای ترکیبی Pl-003 sl دارای 5 پنل مجزا برای پستورد

Wordlock PL-003-SL 5-Dial Combination Padlock, Silver

(امتیاز مشتریان) 779 |
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  • SAFE: The 5 dial combination of the Wordlock by World & Main is not filled with number like ordinary combination locks. Instead, this unique lock used word combinations to keep your belongings safe.
  • EASY: If you have ever had problems memorizing number combinations, then this is the perfect lock for you. Since the Wordlock uses words instead of numbers, remembering your combination has never been easier. Use a favorite food, name, or a silly word.
  • THOUSANDS OF COMBINATIONS: The combination is resettable, so you can change your code as frequently as you want. With 5 dials and 10 letters per dial, there are over 100,000 letter combinations to choose from.
  • SECURE: The cast metal body, heavy duty locking mechanism, and hardened steel shackle is built to withstand some serious abuse. Keep all your possessions secure no matter where you are.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: The Wordlock by World & Main features over 100,000 letter combinations. Use letters instead of numbers for any combination you can imagine. Keep the crooks out with the hardened steel shackle and cast metal body.
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